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Skrit in his natural state 

This is a happy Skrit enjoying traveling through the stars.


Skrit encountered the USS Maximillian while they were exploring an uncharted sector and during an away mission Dr. Nathan Alexander was completing a routine assignment when Skrit misinterpreted the tricorder signal as communication. Skrit attempted to merge with the equipment and in so doing overloaded it and sent an electrical discharge into Dr. Alexander's body. No sooner was this done, Skrit became aware of all data within the tricorder and in time less than a nanosecond Skrit merged with the human doctor keeping him alive. As Skrit understood the damage being done to the human body, Skrit absorbed the life of the Dr. and transported back to the ship in time for the Skrit/Nathan to get to sickbay. Once in sickbay, the body of the doctor began to vaporize as Skrit could no longer contain the energy.

Being pure energy didn't aid the doctor for long before all the energy of Skrit began to absorb the matter of the doctor's body. Before any further disruption of matter/energy occurred and to avoid a matter/antimatter explosion, Skrit interfaced with the pattern buffers and emitters for the EMH and sent any extraneous energy to main engineering which increased the ships efficiency  for a period of 2 weeks. Since then Skrit has been able to take on a physical humanoid form courtesy of the pattern buffers and emitters from the ship.

The life of Dr. Nathan Alexander was absorbed by Skrit. The Dr. is now a part of Skrit and is no longer categorized as a human being that he is now an aspect of Skrit and is still alive but not physically. Due to Skrit's unusual ability to interface with the ships computers and programming of the EMH, Skrit has been able to establish a new part of ships defense in security as the ESH, Emergency Security Hologram.

In original form Skrit is a wave form energy that is able to coalesce into a cross between electromagnetic and chemical energy similar to cosmic dust and stellar winds. The closest form of energy that Skrit was able to distinguish into terms relative to huamoid comprehension is that of a solar flare. Due to Skrit's unique identity, Skrit's consciousness/psyche/essence transcends existence as we know it into multi-dimensional levels. This is how Skrit is able to briefly alter itself into energy patterns that it can become compatible with certain types of EM frequencies like those on a starship, and so forth.

With the use of replicated nodes of a pattern buffer and emitters, Skrit's humanoid form resembles that of the former doctor. After learning the information in the database Skrit/Nathan successfully communicated to the crew of the Maximillian the situation at hand. The command board at the time requested that if Skrit wanted to remain on board or serve any position on the ship, that Skrit would have to go through that standard routines of Starfleet, such as the academy, training, regs, etc. On Skrit's request, Skrit was allowed admiitance to the academy upon completing the usual tests.

Once Starfleet learned of Skrit's mission and desire to work in the spirit of what Command was based on they permitted Skrit to graduate. That is when they were finally convinced that Skrit was intent to aid Starfleet by bringing a sense of security in volatile situations. Skrit's ability to convince two hostile parties to work together in the interests of prosperity and long life was what sealed the deal.

As Starfleet was impressed with the level of trust that Skrit could handle along with the responsibility of being able to make snap decisions in the face of adversity and overcome many obstacles, Skrit became highly recommended for the Starfleet Marine corp. Again Skrit's effectiveness became apparent with expertise in forms of combat, discipline, and knowledge of multiple technologies.

As a result of the skills demonstrated by Skrit to Starfleet and the UFP, Skrit was permitted to return to the Maximillian to serve as chief of Security. Skrit's accumulated knowledge and experience through Starfleet made Skrit  able to construct more effective nodes to interface with which contain small shield generators that protect them and a higher frequency that permits Skrit to modify certain patterns within the physical form that Skrit takes. This is how Skrit is able to generate weapons and phase in and out which by the way causes a serious degradation of the emitters. Generating weapons is easy, phasing wears out the emitters which can only be constructed by utilizing the replicators and then manually adjusting them accordingly.

Skrit now serves on the Maximillian, however, there are times when Skrits is called on from Command, Intelligence, and the UFP.  This is one of the reasons Skrit decided to build a ship on which to use for certain missions.

Due to the extensive data available through not only Skrit but that of the computer Skrit was able to compile enough parts out of shipyards and junkyards to build The RSL. Also, by use of the huge database Skrit has learned all forms of combat that have been discovered throughout the history and exploration of humanity as well as contact with other alien life forms.

To avoid wasting energy Skrit uses no energy weapons whatsoever. When energy weapons are used on Skrit, it is like food to Skrit. Skrit's nodes however can only take so much, hence an additional buffer and tiny shields to protect them. Skrit's favorite weapons are swords, knives, and a Klingon medallion that Skrit proudly brandishes on uniform which opens up to reveal three blades which symbolize the Klingon insignia. The only time Skrit materializes this medallion is on away missions and diplomatic functions with the Klingons as a sign of respect. As Skrit is pure energy Skrit cannot be killed. Skrit can be dissipated however in time Skrit can reassemble. Skrit does not align with any religious treatise or doctrine. Skrit is a companion and only seeks to aid those who are in need.

All technology on the RSL was utilized and combined from various technologies around the cosmos. Skrit knows other entities as well who also aid Skrit in working to help those in need. This is why Skrit has built the RSL and why Skrit serves on the USS MAXIMILLIAN.

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