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Who or what is Skrit?

Created April 25, 2003 as a persona for the USS Maximillian crewmember, Nathan Cobaugh, to help stimulate some imagination and creativity in the interests of contributing to the sci-fi community in general. Originally started out as a personal site on angelfire.com, now finding a more permanent home here at www.skritweb.com  near the end of May, 2003..

Skrit is an entity that was discovered by Dr. Nathan Alexander on an away mission. To read the whole story click here. Skrit resides in one of the ESH’s (Emergency Security Hologram) nodes and has incorporated itself into the emitters as well. Skrit has taken control of the ESH and is capable of not only defense but also able to inhabit any electrical systems it so chooses. Skrit’s original form is devoid of matter and exists as pure energy, what type it is cannot be defined by any known science(further details in the story). Skrit enjoys aiding those in need and protecting those who cannot defend themselves. Due to the accessibility of information through the databanks that the ESH originated from, Skrit is fully trained in all forms of combat, from Starfleet Marines to the Klingon Art of Defense, Romulan tactics, Cardassian methods, etc.

By gathering information Skrit was able to salvage, redesign and make modifications to the RS Lyon. Skrit’s shuttle is currently on the Maximillian while he serves as Chief of Security. The RS Lyon is operated by a select few of Skrit’s unknown companions; presumably rogue agents that aid Skrit in his missions. The RSL is a ship best described as a small task force unto itself.

 Skrit is an original science fiction character generated by the webmaster. Any similarities to any persons living or dead is entirely coincidental and not intended.

Where does Skrit live?

Currently on the USS Maximillian, otherwise Skrit’s home is pretty much anywhere he chooses.


Why the name Skrit?

Just something fun and original I hope.


What time is Skrit in?

Because Skrit in original form is non-corporeal, time has no meaning. Skrit exists.


What philosophy does Skrit have?

Skrit’s philosophy is to explore and aid those who need protection from those who seek to destroy life. Mostly a peaceful one, however if necessary, Skrit is more than able to generate mostly any weapon in hand or on uniform.


What weapons does Skrit use?

In ship-to-ship, standard weapons of phasers and torpedoes. In ground level combat, swords, knives, daggers, or even hand-to-hand. Due to Skrit’s original form, phasers are not used so as not to waste energy. Other weapons are used for they can be gathered up and recycled through the buffer/emitters.


Can Skrit be killed?

Because the ESH is backed up on the ship, it can be salvaged. Skrit of course is non-corporeal in nature and is only able to maintain a physical form through the buffer/emitters. New ones can be generated through the ship’s replicators. One can destroy the buffers and emitters, however there is no known method for exterminating Skrit. Unless one is able to crack the secret of existence of energy, Skrit can phase itself in and out as needed in order to survive. There has never been a report of anyone encountering Skrit hostile, mostly because no one has survived an encounter with pure energy. Skrit does not like to engage in hostility nor kill unless aiding those who cannot defend themselves.

Revised Nov. 16, 2004: Skrit can however, be dispersed and scattered into the 'four winds' this will effectively slow down Skrit until Skrit can coalesce into its original form. IF you wanted to buy yourself an extra couple of hours you could do this, however, Skrit would never forget you and would make sure that you would be found eventually.

Is Skrit in conflict with Starflet regs?

Skrit is in total agreement with the spirit of Starfleet to explore and aid those who need it. Due to the extensive data available in the ships computers concerning regulations, Skrit is fully aware of all technicalities and able to explore certain “loopholes” that are left in the system. Skrit knows Starfleet regulations so well that that it could run circles around Command. Because Skrit is so efficient, Starfleet has no qualms whatsoever.


Has Skrit ever been a problem while serving on the USS MAXIMILLIAN?

Again Skrit is able to do the job so well, Starfleet allows some leeway.

Copyright(c) April 25, 2003 Skritweb owned and maintained by Nathan Cobaugh. All rights reserved.