Business Cards



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You must be an active member with the USS Maximillian


Ordering cards is a 2 step process,


  Order them at the meetings of the Maximillian or call one of the crewmembers, then you can send payment to paypal

Business cards cost  as follows:                           (Shipping amd Handling)


50 cards are $16 US plus shipping if ordered by mail. ($4)

100 cards are $25 US plus shipping if ordered by mail.($5)

500 cards are $80 US plus shipping if ordered by mail.($6)

Prices are listed as per actual retail price with major copy centers such as Staples/Kinko's on larger quantities. Cost of Shipping is based on current postal fees with the USPS and the weight of the card stock. Prices for smaller quantities cover costs for printing and supplies for the Maximillian. All prices are rounded up from the half dollar to the next dollar or down respectively. Any additional funds or proceeds go to the Maximillian's charity fund, currently Juvenile Diabetes Fund, JDF. All transactions will be recorded and archived within the Maximillian's Treasury. For any additional questions or info please contact the webmaster.


This is the design for the Business cards for the Max, you may order these if you are a crew member.

You do not have to hold a position but you must have an active member status with the Maximillian, which basically means you have paid your annual membership fee and have been added to the ship's records. If you wish to join please visit

Please contact for ordering.

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