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Hello, you have accessed Skritweb. Original sci-fi artwork/persona, crewmember of the USS MAXIMILLIAN, this is a sci-fi based website. For those of youknew to Skritweb, feel free to browse through. . To give you a brief tour, Story is the origin of Skrit as well as the inventor of Skrit, The RSL, is Skrit's ship, Skrit News covers awards and articles from Skrit, and Reviews for movies I have seen. Friends of Skrit can be found through Links. If you want the quick, quick version of who, what, where for Skrit, there is the FAQ.  Skritisms are basically the editorial. The rest is pretty self explanatory. I am now working on a Star Trek fan production, read the editorial for more details 



There are animated adventures of Skrit in the Art Corner in the Cartoon section.

Mighty Max Adventures -- Online comic

Maximillian Boards


 Calendar of Events


Nov 11 - Max meeting @ Whetstone public library 1700 hrs.

Dec 9 - Max Xmas dinner celebration @ Mifflin Presbyterian Church.

Jan 13 - Max meeting @ Whetstone public library 1700 hrs.

All dates posted are confirmed.


Now accepting orders for Maximillian crew members business cards through PAYPAL. Visit THE STORE link above for details.


The following strip is the current monthly strip that I work on. There are currently 2 strips that I work on. One is the Mighty Max Adventures, the other is Beyond the Gates, a Stargate parody.

November Edition of Mighty Max Adventures





Skrit goes through a Stargate




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Now running all original graphics on this site.


SKRITISMS (editorial)  

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    Apologies for the dust. In order to make things more efficient Skritweb Productions will be going through some major revisions.




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